Boomgaard van Vrienden

Today we celebrate the 50st birthday of my beloved Jillis!

What makes him most happy is to work together with nature in friendship and loving care, to the benefit of all. Our farm Blisveld, which is a biodynamic farm with precious, poison-free soil since 1974, is evolving as a place which can provide organic nutrition, and the atmosphere of well-being, growth and flourishing. A place where people can meet themselves, and many others to share with. To work together and support each other.
On this special occasion we would like to invite you to donate a fruit tree for our orchard. How wonderful it is we can plant an orchard where each of us has a tree, which is under our care to bear fruit and flourish, and which has your name on it!Do you want to support this? Please make a donation and follow us to see how your tree will get planted on Sunday the 6th of February.Any donation is welcome: we are happy, from small berry bushes, as well to the more matured trees that are already strong and bigger.
May we join together in this flowering and growth, in this new fruitful year for Jillis. With deep gratitude and joy.
Lizelot & Marlene